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Dear perimenoposse: BRB, promise

The menopause transition: 'It's a deconditioning'

If only Hillary took HrT, right?

Journalism, my mom, and the search for health harmony

Dr Vonda Wright: What to do about your perimenopause body pain

Maneuvering through the menoverse

Dr Vonda Wright gets in our bones

Science stuff: HrT, herbals and more

4 women go through perimenopause and along comes WILE

The things I do for menopause mental health

The most inspiring mid-sex-life story ever

Celebrities are just like us!

REMINDER: Office Hours with Andrea Donsky

The most inspiring mid-sex-life story ever

REMINDER: Office Hours with Andrea Donsky

Hotflash inc: Manic social media menoverse

10 things I’ve learned from 100 episodes

Dr Junella Chin, CBD and perimenopause pain knows pain

The (admittedly limited) toolkit we need RN


Perimenopause “down there” 101 with Dr Karyn Eilber

Office Hours link inside

A few early observations about a seismic shift

Office Hours this Saturday

Hotflash inc: Gut gut baby

We need to find a new way

Menopause at work

Hot Flashes & Cool Topics x Hotflash inc

Lara Briden explains the stages of perimenopause

Tools of the patriarchy, Me + my HRT and more

9 ways to get what you need from a doctor

This is not a body positive newsletter

SOLO episode: Don’t get FUDed

Office Hours

Office Hours this weekend

Did someone say science?

Compounding pharmacies are not meth labs

Do you really believe these things?

Tachyphylaxis, Robert Wilson and HRT

Why Paula Rastrick wants you to go low and slow on HRT

Surgeons didn't used to wash their hands, so...

SOLO episode: My big big big big news

New research review = a bit of clarity

This menopause test business is bananas

My big big big big news...

Kashif Khan - What’s your DNA got to do with menopause?

What’s DNA got to do with menopause?

Was it the Mercury Retrograde?

KC Councilor can talk about menopause now

Hotflash inc office hours starting soon!!!

Me and my HRT - a new series

Link for HF inc Office Hours tomorrow

Tania Elfersy: What is your body telling you?

Nutrition advice piece: clarification

Some of the best nutrition advice out there...

And Just Like That... she did less

Andrea Donsky knows her menopause supplements

Wall planks, testosterone, olive oil...

ANNOUNCEMENT: Launching Office Hours

Slow down

7 perimenopause power pairs...

3 things I’m doing this week

SOLO episode: 'I belong in this room'

30 years is but a wrinkle in time

HRT: 3 things IKFS in 3 years

Whales, weekend squats + pep talks

Part 2: More menopause vagina stuff with Dr. Burt Webb

Cherry-picking your free weekly roundup of hopefully helpful things

Part 1: Menopause vagina stuff with Dr. Burt Webb

Menopause vagina stuff with Dr Burt Webb

Michelle Aspinwall is a Body Whisperer

Fact check: Menopause is not 100 years old

About that Danish dementia-HRT study

Elisa Kurylowicz wants you to think about what you believe

Hotflash inc hits NYC

Known unknowns in HRT

Dr Angela DeRosa wants you to think about testosterone

Dr Angela DeRosa talks testosterone

Invite your friends to read Hotflash inc

We need you here...

Karen Newby is all about increasing your nutrients

Peak patriarchy + still no testosterone patch

Introducing: WISE AF

TL;DR: Science stuff on sleep + muscles

Holly Grigg-Spall is still talking about the pill

The Pill: Not a love story

The other menopause gap

Dr Mikhail Kogan: Medical marijuana + menopause

The dialectic of zest

3 ideas for protecting your aging brain

Big meno hall monitor energy

Dr Kirstey Holland & The most helpful perimenopause podcast ever

Fezo's a go (and it's Veozah now)

SOLO: I had a good mother

I'm with J Smith-Cameron

An utter dearth of peri+menopause research

Morgan Adams will get you to sleep

This will get you to sleep

What happened after my life blew up at 46...

Working + perimenopause can be hella hard

Dr Quentin Oury talks andropause (aka manopause)

Dr Quentin Oury talks MANopause

Treat your energy like a bank account

Dr Mary Claire Haver has to take a stand on hormone therapy

Dr Mary Claire Haver took a stand on HRT

Oprah goes through menopause - again

Joyce Harper: 'Anecdotes are not evidence'

Joyce Harper believes in HRT and worries about it at the same damn time

SOLO My big health kerfuffle


Drew B, UK HRT + Vitamin D

8 often-repeated menopause myths


SOLO: Things I'm concerned about

Science-y science type stuff

"There's not good data to suggest that it will prevent cardiovascular disease"

Can HRT do this for you?

Kate Deering: ‘Stop blaming your metabolism on aging’

SOLO: How my perimenopause is going

What perimenopause has to do with my new Pottery Barn desk

33 things I think about HRT right now

Hot take: If this is the #menopauserevolution, I don't want it

Hazda women are supercool with menopause

"Muscle is life"

BREAKING: Fezolinetant news

It's 'fezo' for short

Menopause goes to the Super Bowl

All the creatures who go through menopause

Don't forget your Wise Power

SOLO: How to stop spending so much money on perimenopause

The first stage of perimenopause is denial

UK can't play the menopause card

Gerianne DiPiano: "We've been conditioned to accept hormones from cradle to grave"

HF inc podcast: "We've been conditioned to accept hormones from cradle to grave"

It's not all about estrogen

What we get when we get menopause

Dr Rachel Rubin: "Too often the word hormone scares people"

Hotflash inc podcast: Dr Rachel Rubin

F*ck the Ozempic effect

The Hotflash inc subscription

Exercise snacks for the win, again

Brooke Faught wants you to know more about testosterone

6 things I learned from Brooke Faught

5 more quick and easy ways to feel better

I’m having my first online event

Midday app founder Ann Garnier is donating her hot flashes to science

Why Midday app founder Ann Garnier is donating her hot flashes to science

No smoke, no mirrors, no BS

Part 2: Frozen shoulder everywhere...