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Michelle Aspinwall is a Body Whisperer

Michelle Aspinwall is a Body Whisperer

Michelle Aspinwall is a Medical Intuitive, Body Whisperer, and transformative healer whose mission is to shift women’s health specifically beyond 40. 

Michelle works with women worldwide using both science and spirit channeling leading them through specific and transformative health challenges. She teaches women that how they think, believe, support, and nourish themselves creates the foundation for her to become her most magnetic and vibrant being for the entirety of her life.

She also believes that we are humans and spiritual beings, and because of that, we can take part in the entire smorgasbord of the earth’s experience: East, West, and everything in between. (As in: she uses testosterone and acupuncture for her perimenopausal symptoms)


  • How are various systems work together

  • The vital years from 37-50

  • Perimenopause and our crown chakra

  • Developing our intuitive muscles

  • Why and how it hurts not to tell your truth during this transition – and why it has everything and nothing to do time

  • Our experience, our perception of the experience, and the stories about the experience 

  • Using hormones for the human parts of us to augment and assist our spiritual selves

  • Understanding the magnitude of source and how it’s reflected in us 

  • Why we need to tend to our heart more than ever now – and how to begin to do that 

  • How she manages her thyroid and Hashimoto’s with Western and Eastern medicine, food and living in truth 

  • How the stress of the world heightens our symptoms and disorders – and how to navigate the turmoil and tumult energetically 

Where to find Michelle: - meet the future of healthcare
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