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Joyce Harper believes in HRT and worries about it at the same damn time

Joyce Harper believes in HRT and worries about it at the same damn time

Day raver, cold swimmer, rabble-rouser, educator, author, podcaster, academic and publisher of scientific papers: Joyce Harper is a professor of reproductive science at the Institute for Women's Health, University College London. 

She’s also author of the 2021 book Your Fertile Years and hosts the podcast Why didn’t anyone tell me this?

Harper is uncompromised and unflappable. She is all about the evidence. She’s not opposed to HRT but isn’t a breathless enthusiast either. It has to be about the evidence, she argues, otherwise it’s just stories and anecdotes that don’t add up to anything. 

NB: We are both members of a balanced-approach group called MenoClarity, and we recorded this podcast before Joyce was quoted in a controversial Daily Mail article alleging excessive and unsafe HRT prescribing practices at a chain of private clinics in the UK. 

When I followed up with her about it, she said: "We need to give women accurate information about the menopause and treatments. In the UK we've created huge negativity – some suggesting menopause is a disorder. It's not fair to women and I really worry for the next generations who are now nearing menopause. Menopause can be difficult for some. But for most it's a transition and life post menopause can be the most exciting and liberating stage of our lives."

(As always, I’m not a medical professional and this podcast is not medical advice.  Expert opinion varies widely. Please listen to the disclaimer at the end podcast as well.) 


• Almost 30 years after she completed her PhD, women still don’t understand their bodies
• Why we need to teach people what’s “normal” so they know when to seek help
• How she approaches research – and how we need to as well 
• Her top myths in women’s health and menopause
• When you should go on HRT and why dosing matters 
• How overall health sets you up for perimenopause
• Issues with the push for testosterone
• Why anecdotes are not research 
• Her research-based conclusions the claims that can prevent dementia 
• Why being post-menopause is so great 
• Her homework assignment for every perimenopausal woman

Where to find Joyce:

Twitter: @profjoyceharper
Instagram: @profjoyceharper - meet the future of healthcare
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