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Holly Grigg-Spall is still talking about the pill

Holly Grigg-Spall is still talking about the pill

In a week where we had the release of the new Davina McCall documentary Pill Revolution, Holly Grigg-Spall joins the Hotflash inc podcast to talk all about hormonal birth control.

Holly is the author of the 2013 book Sweetening The Pill: Or How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control, and a writer on 2021's The Business of Birth Control documentary.

Hotflash inc founder Ann Marie McQueen asks Holly all about what happened after her book was published, reaction to it and the documentary, and some of the top lines about what she found out during her years of research, all based on her own experience.

And they talk about how the conversation around menopause hormone therapy relates to the conversation around the pill, and how previous pill use could be informing perimenopause and menopause.

Sit back and dive in as we address one of the controversial subjects of our time.

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The Hotflash Inc podcast
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