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Brooke Faught wants you to know more about testosterone

Brooke Faught wants you to know more about testosterone

Brooke Faught is a nurse practitioner and director of the Women's Institute for Sexual Health, a division of Urology Associates in Nashville, Tennessee. She knows a lot about testosterone and women’s sexual health because she uses it in her practice every day. I first came across Brooke when she presented her research and experience during the North American Menopause Society 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting, and then spoke to her again in 2022 for an update on advances in treatment and guidance. 

Although Brooke uses a range of hormones to help women get back to their full sexual function and desire in peri/menopause, our conversation focuses on testosterone because it is so often overlooked. 

We talked all about why testosterone can be so effective for a range of symptoms, why the research is catching up to practice, and how women can talk to their doctors about it. 


  • Why testosterone is just as important in women

  • What role it plays

  • How it’s prescribed and used and what forms it comes in

  • What it can help

  • The range of sexual issues connected to perimenopause that women aren’t always made aware of 

  • What the research says 

  • The importance of testing

  • How the hormone receptor system works 

  • Estrogen and testosterone used together

  • Risks and side effects 

  • Testosterone pellets – and why some people use them

  • The International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health, ISSWSH

  • Why your sexual enjoyment is worth the time and effort  

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IG: @brookefaught_sexmed

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