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SOLO: How my perimenopause is going

SOLO: How my perimenopause is going

Today I unleash an update on my own epic perimenopause experience, which began sometime in my early 40s, wreaked all sorts of havoc, and continues to this day – aged 52, looking ahead to turning 53.

I cover a lot here, so buckle up!

• A little about my early years and what led to Hotflash inc
• A taster of some of the symptoms I've dealt with
• What's going on with me now, physically and emotionally
• What my new gynecologist has to say about all of it
• A focus on my forgetfullness
• The crying, with a guest appearance by my American friend Lizzie Bermudez
• Why my perimenopause is like a video game, and where I feel I'm at in the levels
• How I'm turning into a recluse, but I know it's temporary
• My lengthy recounting of a night in Paris where I got mugged by a gang of teenagers and dealt with a hideously drunk Englishman – all in one night
• A list of things I've been crying about
• What's going on with my vagina
• The sensory stuff
• My love for Wise Power and authors Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, founders of Red School, which is a book I opened at just the right time 
• How I'm resting, puttering and snudging - meet the future of healthcare
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The Hotflash Inc podcast
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