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KC Councilor can talk about menopause now

KC Councilor can talk about menopause now

KC Councilor is an assistant professor in Communication, Media, and Screen Studies at Southern Connecticut State University. He is also a cartoonist who draws about the experiences of being a trans and transitioning person in the world.

His graphic memoir, Between You and Me: Transitional Comics, came out in 2019.

He has also published comics in numerous academic journals, including the Annals of Internal Medicine, Literature and Medicine, Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, and Women's Studies in Communication. His comic Cycles was published in the Eisner Award-winning anthology Menopause: A Comic Treatment


  • Why he’s ready to talk about feminity

  • The comic that brought him on the podcast

  • What it’s like going through puberty and menopause at the same time

  • At 41, how he feels about the possibility of perimenopause

  • Being a trans person in the US right now

  • Feelings in fatherhood

  • The loud and angry state of trans in the US

  • The issue of trans violence 

  • What medical care has been like

Find out more about KC and his work:
Instagram: @betweenyouandmetranscomics - meet the future of healthcare
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The Hotflash Inc podcast
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