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Dr Junella Chin, CBD and perimenopause pain knows pain

Dr Junella Chin, CBD and perimenopause pain knows pain

Dr June Chin knows about pain and how to treat it on the deepest levels: from her own experiences that started in her teens years and through to that of patients. 

She’s an integrative medical cannabis physician and has spent more than20  years working in holistic medicine. 

She is currently a professor at New York University and Syracuse University teaching Cannabis Health and Science, Vice Chair for the Cannabis Advisory Board for the New York State Office of Cannabis Management and Chair of the Health, Safety and Research Committee for New York State’s Office of Cannabis Management. She is the author of the book Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness and founded and operated seven bicoastal integrative cannabis medicine clinics in California, New York, and Connecticut.  

Her training includes studying nutritional biochemistry at Cornell University, osteopathic medicine at Touro University, medical acupuncture at Harvard University, and research at Columbia University, Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Women’s Health. 

Through her work as a clinician, professor, and author, she has created medical protocols for the industry and internationally accepted methods for cannabinoid formulations, research, education, and training programs. She is also the chief medical officer for NNABI. 


  • The personal experience that drew her to holistic medicine, and cannabis in particular

  • The 101 on our endocannabanoid system 

  • The different forms of cannabis – and how CBD is different 

  • The interplay between CBD and hormone therapy

  • The intersection between perimenopause and the endocannabanoid system?

  • How specifically can cannabis and CBD help 

  • Her work with the startup NNABI, which is providing a CBD solution for perimenopause

  • Her take on some of the other alternative, plant-based medicines and psychedelics being developed to treat peri/menopause

  • Her top advice for women in perimenopause

Where to find Dr Chin:

IG: @drjunechin - meet the future of healthcare
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