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Elisa Kurylowicz wants you to think about what you believe

Elisa Kurylowicz wants you to think about what you believe

This conversation was life-shifting for me and I hope it will be for you too. Elisa Kurylowicz is a Canadian former World Cup freestyle mogul skier turned coach and wellness mentor and host of the highly rated Elisa Unfiltered Podcast. Elisa teaches the practice of intuitive awareness, helping women to love themselves in body, business and life. She joins the Hotflash inc podcast for an epic (but so worth it) episode about the hard process of waking up to your conditioned mind so you can heal yourself.  


  • What happens when you face an Olympic-level 

  • Cigarettes, booze, Ramen noodles and anger

  • Waking up – and then going back to sleep

  • How to start asking yourself big questions

  • Seeing the world for what it is

  • Men is a midlife crisis, women it’s menopause

  • What’s going on with our urge to belong?

  • Recognizing the teachers who help lift us up

  • Keys to practicing intuitive awareness

  • The big scary wall of what real change might mean

  • Psilocybin therapy + microdosing

  • Recognizing narratives around alcohol – and breaking out 

  • Navigating the early stages of perimenopause while trying to get pregnant

Where to find Elisa:

Adele Stratton (Elisa’s coach) IG @phoenixrisinghc - meet the future of healthcare
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Hotflash inc
The Hotflash Inc podcast
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