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Gerianne DiPiano: "We've been conditioned to accept hormones from cradle to grave"

Gerianne DiPiano: "We've been conditioned to accept hormones from cradle to grave"

Gerianne DiPiano is chairman and CEO of FemmePharma, which produces among other things a range of solutions for women going through menopause. That includes personal lubricants and moisturizers, and hot flash and sleep remedies. Geri has had a three-decade career in women's health, working at the top levels of the pharmaceutical industry as well as founding her own companies. She has amazing stories to tell about the business of menopause, about the science behind hormone therapy and various products. We talk about everything from clinical trials to letting your hair go gray. 


• Hormones sure, but women need options for individual symptoms
• The problem with a lot of vaginal moisturizers and hormone therapies
• How we are conditioned to take hormones and what might be the problem with that
• There are risks to hormone therapy – don’t let anyone tell you there’s not
• Why you need to fact check influencers, doctors on social media + your own doctor (PubMed is a great place to start)
• What we’ve finally figured out about women – and how to use that power
• We’ve finally reached a North American menopause revolution – and what needs to follow
• A peek inside her experience as one of the only women inside Big pharma at the C-suite level
• How the traditionally male-dominated Big Pharma continues to impact women’s health care today
• The anecdote you have to hear about the possibility of a testosterone patch from Geri’s former career
• The one big thing pharmaceutical companies need to do in developing products for women safely
• Her peri/menopause experience + philosophy
• Becoming a certified silver sister

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