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Kate Deering: ‘Stop blaming your metabolism on aging’

Kate Deering: ‘Stop blaming your metabolism on aging’

Kate Deering is a San Diego-based personal trainer, holistic nutritionist and author of the ground-breaking book How to Heal Your Metabolism

Kate has some no-nonsense guidance for healing broken metabolisms and how to make the transition through menopause as easy as possible by drawing on the pro-metabolic approach to nutrition. 

That involves learning to understand your body and giving it the fuel it needs to function properly. She explains why menopause symptoms, and slow metabolism, can both come as a result of over-exercising, eating too little and putting yourself under too much stress in earlier life, and dispels popular myths such as the idea that eating carbs will make you put on weight. I watched a friend of mine transform in her 40s by doing this, and I’ve done it myself and felt the difference. Her take is that throwing hormones and supplements at the symptoms of menopause was never going to be an effective solution. Instead, her take is that we need to learn to look at healing any underlying issues, and and nurture and heal our body so that it can go through the process feeling healthy and strong.

Kate and I spoke last year as part of the first Menopause Shift Summit and I found her way of approaching this so helpful I wanted you to hear it. 


  • Why she doesn’t blame slowing metabolism on age

  • What’s going on when perimenopause catches up with you

  • What the bio-energetic, pro-metabolic way of eating looks like

  • Pro-metabolic eating, organ meats and shellfish

  • Gut and digestive issues and peri/menopause

  • Why orange juice and dairy aren’t on this particular sh*t list 

  • “Anti-metabolic” foods, however, are

  • The issue with supplements

  • How to square intermittent fasting with pro-metabolic eating (hint: you don’t)

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