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Karen Newby is all about increasing your nutrients

Karen Newby is all about increasing your nutrients

Karen Newby is a UK-based nutritional therapist and author of The Natural Menopause Method - a nutritional guide to perimenopause and beyond.

She runs a specialist menopause clinic and hosts regular retreats, corporate talks and workshops, helping women toward greater midlife vitality. A complementary practitioner, she often works with GP menopause specialists and women on hormone therapy.

Her approach is highly practical, realistic and achievable as we deal with very low bandwidth in amongst our turbo charged, modern day world.


• therapeutic foods explained, including phytoestrogens
• the power of changing the first hour of your day
• her take on ultraprocessed foods + menopause
• her gentle method of cleansing to get on with feeling better
• how being "hurried women" is hurting us
• why we need to nurture our thyroid, liver and adrenals so they can do their work
• ditching years of diet industry nonsense
• what she learned about perimenopause from living in China
• sugar and hot flashes
• the role of stress

IG: @karen.newby.nutritionist

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Hotflash inc
The Hotflash Inc podcast
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