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Journalism, my mom, and the search for health harmony

Journalism, my mom, and the search for health harmony

I'm giving a talk at the Organic & Real show in Dubai and this is my test run. 

I talk about the intersection of my 30-year journalism career, which launched around the same time as my mother's death from pancreatic cancer. 

And how that set me on a path to finding out whatever I could about health and wellness, all while I struggled with unchecked IBS that resulted in a health explosion in the autumn on 2022. 

I talk about what I've learned from all the people I've interviewed and all the research I've done, and how combined with my search for answers for myself and my mom, that has informed a lot of my life. 

How I got to where I was and how I got to where I am. 

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Hotflash inc
The Hotflash Inc podcast
My aim is to give you the best information, in the most objective, balanced manner I can muster. I'll give you access to some remarkable people, cutting-edge information and research, new ideas, viewpoints you may not be used to hearing, a global view, some serious talk, and lots of silliness too. I'll always trust that you can use your own open, inquiring mind, unique experience, education, experience and perspective to decide what's right for you. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode, and if you like it, maybe leave a rating and a review.