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Dr Angela DeRosa wants you to think about testosterone

Dr Angela DeRosa wants you to think about testosterone

Dr Angela DeRosa is a doctor of osteopathy, integrative physician and hormone specialist in Arizona. She has a unique take on the current peri/menopause landscape as a doctor of osteopathy who also worked as senior medical director for Procter & Gamble, helping them launch osteoporosis treatments and try – and fail – to get a testosterone patch for women approved for use in 2004.

During her years with the pharmaceutical division, she saw firsthand how women’s ability to get proper medical care and treatment is thwarted due to politics, gender bias and poorly trained physicians. Her mission is to teach women about what’s happening to them physically, how they can obtain proper treatment, and how to change the paradigm of medicine so women everywhere can live healthier and happier lives.

Dr DeRosa discusses her view and experience of testosterone, which she says few doctors understand. This includes her endorsement of and cautions about the controversial use of pellets, as well as the important role of the thyroid, the vital interplay with blood sugar and the road to insulin resistance, and much more.


  •  What it’s like working for Big Pharma 

  •  Her view on Intrinsa, the Proctor & Gamble testosterone patch the FDA did not approve almost 20 years ago

  •  We are more than estrogen – and why testosterone is pivotal

  •  The vital interplay between falling testosterone and insulin resistance

  •  The crucial thyroid piece – and why thyroid health must come first

  •  Why so many people don’t understand how to properly administer testosterone

  •  Why pellets are like colour TV (and what people get wrong about them

  •  How to avoid unsafe doses 

  •  What is "fulminant fear", why it's rare and how to avoid it

  •  Her take on “menopause is natural” 

  •  Her take on fezolinetant, aka Veozah, the non-hormonal drug for hot flashes 

  •  Why you want your hormone therapy to be “biomemetic” aka bioidentical

  •  What you think you know about compounding pharmacies is wrong (including that they are always “expensive”) 

  •  Why we need to look at the “whole universe” of what’s available 

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