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Midday app founder Ann Garnier is donating her hot flashes to science

Midday app founder Ann Garnier is donating her hot flashes to science

Ann Garnier is CEO and founder of Lisa Health, the US company that launched an app for menopause called Midday in conjunction with Mayo Clinic. Ann has been a senior technology executive in the healthcare space her entire career, and it just so happens that when she started Lisa Health, she was also going through perimenopause. 

The Midday app is on the cutting edge: soon it will be able to detect and predict hot flashes and other symptoms, and recommend remedies and solutions.


  • How her own menopause experience fuelled this technology

  • Her drive to keep GenX women involved in the technology conversation

  • How deep tech and data science can help us understand menopause – and predict hot flashes and other symptoms 

  • The problem with most symptom trackers

  • Where they get their evidence-based guidance

  • The important conversations we need to be having – and the control we need to be giving up

  • Staking our claim for “more” – fine is not good enough

  • Why someone needs to make a red wine that perimenopausal women can drink without getting hot flashes 

  • Her dream research

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