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SOLO: How to stop spending so much money on perimenopause

SOLO: How to stop spending so much money on perimenopause

Are you sick of spending money in menopause? According to a report from the Female Founders Fund women in North America spend an average of US$2,000 finding solutions. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Today I share many of the tips and tricks I’ve learned to feel better now from the evidence, from experts I’ve interviewed and from my own experience. This audio from the session I held in January with Hotflash inc Substack subscribers. 

I hope you enjoy it. 


  • Dealing with ANTS

  • When to take a break from your phone and why

  • Suggestions for the daily nervous system resets you need

  • Why you need to feel your feelings

  • Learning from Lucky Girl TikTok

  • Finding good leaders

  • Air quality

  • Tips for combatting insulin resistance 

  • You need minerals!

  • The missing fascia link

  • Where to strength train and stretch for free

  • Why you need even 2 minutes of morning light

  • My special middle-of-the-night sleep rescue remedy - meet the future of healthcare
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The Hotflash Inc podcast
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