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Perimenopause “down there” 101 with Dr Karyn Eilber

Perimenopause “down there” 101 with Dr Karyn Eilber

Dr Karyn Eilber is board certified in urology and female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, as well as an associate professor teaching, training and working in administration at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. She’s a mom of three, co-founder of the clean, luxury intimacy company Glissant, founding medical partner at Doctorpedia and co-author on the awesomely title book A Woman’s Guide to Her Pelvic Floor: What the F#*@ is Going On Down There?”

Over her years of practice, she’s also become open to alternative approaches to medicine and all the new – and old – things that can help. “No pun intended,” she says. “You gotta think outside the box.” 


Why vibrators are important in perimenopause
How to choose a vibrator
Why kegal exercises are not one sized fits all
The very important role of a pelvic floor physical therapist 
The intersection between our urinary tracts, pelvic floors and overall vaginal health 
Vaginal estrogen is safe! (Even if the packaging makes you think otherwise)
Why systemic estrogen may not be enough for your vagina 
The latest tech: lasers, sound waves and O Shots 
Bioidentical hormones and testosterone pellets
Our rapidly advancing understanding of the vaginal microbiome
What’s going on with all the infections? (Hint: It’s about the lactobacillus)
Boric acid for BV: the doctor’s Rx (and what you have to watch out for)
Goop, vaginal (vulvar) steaming and jade eggs
Falling bladder: what it is and how to treat it
Glissant and the importance of using clean lube (and some CBD)
What young women are doing differently at the gynecologist 
Is vaginal estrogen mandatory? 

Where to find Dr Eilber:
LinkedIn: @KarynEilber
Instagram: @dreilber - meet the future of healthcare
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