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The menopause transition: 'It's a deconditioning'

The menopause transition: 'It's a deconditioning'

Today we are doing something a little bit different because let’s be honest, everyone is overwhelmed right now and I’m no different. 

This summer I was a guest on Sherry Jibb’s Happy & Healthy in Midlife Summit, and had a great conversation with her about so many things we don’t talk about much in the menopause conversation. 

Sherry is a registered yoga teacher, a movement educator in Pilates mat and reformer, reiki practitioner and personal trainer. She’s also a person who deeply understands the menopause transition exists on so many levels, and gets just what a mind-body-soul transformation it is. In her words, in this interview: “It's a de-conditioning.  It's a letting go of what society tells us is the recipe that we need to finding the recipe for ourselves. And love and compassion is the only way to do that.”

I just loved this interview. In it you will learn:

  • More about my journalism career and what drew me to the Middle East

  • What happened to my weight and how I got there

  • How I think taking care of our health is actually  simple – but not easy

  • Why it's time to take radical responsibility for your health

  • Some details about my stormy “transmenopausal year” 

  • The essentials of grieving 

  • Some of the things that helped me through perimenopause

  • Why we need a toolbox

Where you can find Sherry Jibb:
IG: @sherryjibb_balancedmidlife

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