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Part 1: Menopause vagina stuff with Dr. Burt Webb

Part 1: Menopause vagina stuff with Dr. Burt Webb

Dr. Burt Webb is an Arizona-based ob-gyn and intimate wellness specialist with a holistic approach to women’s health. (He also represents the non-invasive soundwave treatment Cliovana, which we discuss in part 2 of this podcast.)

He joins the Hotflash inc podcast to talk about how our entire body plays a role in our vaginal health – and genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM). With almost 30 years in practice treating women, he is one of the most switched-on mainstream practitioners to appear on the podcast. 

Contrary to the prevailing narrative – oh how we love that here – he believes a dry vagina isn’t always just a dry vagina due to menopause. And he explains all the different factors that may be going into this. 

This is a fascinating conversation and the first-ever two-part episode. Stay tuned to next week when he gets into all the different treatments, hormone therapy and otherwise – that he uses to treat the entire pelvic region. This is very different to what you are hearing elsewhere. 


  • The role of blood flow and nutrients in menopause – and in particular, vagina stuff 

  • How and why the vagina gets lubricated (hint: it’s like a cheesecloth)

  • How your gut microbiome impacts you mind, body and vagina

  • The role of food insensitivities – and chemicals in processed food – in GSM 

  • Why a probiotic isn’t enough 

  • Vaginal hormone therapy in treating GSM 

  • Why you need pharmaceutical-grade supplements (it’s about the absorption) 

  • Why he looks at the tissues – and the four areas where symptoms of dryness and pain in the vagina appear

  • How inflammation contributes to poor sexual health and ultimately heart disease 

  • Vaginal estrogen and breast cancer - the consensus opinion 

  • Why he believes most vaginal estrogen is not used correctly – and how it should be - meet the future of healthcare
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The Hotflash Inc podcast
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