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Part 2: More menopause vagina stuff with Dr. Burt Webb

Part 2: More menopause vagina stuff with Dr. Burt Webb

Dr. Burt Webb is an Arizona-based ob-gyn and intimate wellness specialist who takes a holistic, functional, integrative approach to women’s health. (He also represents the non-invasive soundwave treatment Cliovana, which we discuss in part 2 of this podcast.)

This week he gets into all the different treatments, hormone therapy and otherwise – that he uses for the entire pelvic region. With almost 30 years in practice treating women, he is one of the most switched-on mainstream practitioners to appear on the podcast. 

This is a fascinating conversation and the second in our first-ever two-part episode. Don’t forget to listen back to last week, on episode 83, when we talked all about why he believes a dry vagina isn’t always just a dry vagina due to menopause. And gives us major guidance on how to tackle the issue systemically. 


  • Vaginal estrogen and breast cancer, including specifics on how to use it differently 

  • “They aren’t as familiar with the vagina” (who he’s talking about)

  • That time he coached a young woman on a plane about vaginal health (she asked) 

  • How he uses vaginal 

  • DHEA? 

  • Additional ingredients in vaginal estrogen and why they may not work for you

  • Why your clitoris is a lot bigger than you think – and any treatment needs to focus on all of it 

  • Why women need to educate themselves – and men – about their bodies  

  • How the body’s own healing factors can be harnessed to help your vagina

  • Cliovana, radio frequency, laser treatments and the O-shot – and what’s best for what issue

  • Why mixing and matching – and tissue health – are key to treating each women individually

  • What to look for in an intimate wellness specialist 

  • How the placebo effect plays a part in treatment 

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The Hotflash Inc podcast
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