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Dr Mary Claire Haver has to take a stand on hormone therapy

Dr Mary Claire Haver has to take a stand on hormone therapy

Dr Mary Claire Haver is a Texas-based board-certified ob-gyn and Certified Culinary Medicine specialist. She’s also TikTok’s top menopause doc with two million followers, published The Galveston Diet in January and is working on another book, this one specifically about menopause. 

I spoke to Dr Haver in early April and we talked about everything from hard times to why she believes every woman should take hormone therapy to reduce their risk of disease. 

Remember to listen to the disclaimer at the end and remember, this is not medical advice. (For counterpoints on hormone therapy for cardiovascular disease prevention, check out episode 66. For counterpoints on compounded hormones, check out episode 45. For counterpoints on the evolutionary theory of menopause, check out episode 2.)


  • How she hit the ground running from her very first Tiktok

  • Finding out about the gaps in her own education

  • Why menopause gets shoved into a little corner

  • How the US healthcare system is preventing better menopause care 

  • Why she chose to open a private clinic (and why she knows its elitist)

  • What board-certified means (and why it’s better - even if it still doesn’t have much to do with menopause)

  • How far behind menopause research has been and continues to be

  • Her take on how to find good experts to follow – and how to get better care at the doctor’s office

  • Her dream for research

  • How she prescribes HRT 

  • Her take on the progesterone-progestin question (and why she doesn’t like the “demonization” of synthetic hormones)

  • Remembering we are all bio-diverse (and will react to HRT in our own way and need lots of options)

  • How and why she pivoted to a more pro-hormone therapy message

  • Why she says hormone therapy prescribing does not require expensive hormone testing – at any stage 

  • Her answer to the question: Should women go on hormone therapy for prevention, not symptom treatment

  • Why she thinks our generation is having a harder time in this – and how our mothers are guiding our health choices 

  • How trauma is impacting our time in menopause 

  • Her advice for you if you’re struggling (and some US telehealth recommendations)

Where to find Dr Haver:

Web: - meet the future of healthcare
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