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Dr Rachel Rubin: "Too often the word hormone scares people"

Dr Rachel Rubin: "Too often the word hormone scares people"

Dr. Rachel S. Rubin is one of the most important voices on social media, advocating for women’s sexual health. Her frank manner and deep educational background – she is that rare combination of board-certified urologist and sexual medicine specialist and one of only a handful of physicians with fellowship training in sexual medicine for all genders – makes her uniquely positioned to talk about the range of issues we can face during the perimenopause transition. 

She’s also education chair for the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health and associate editor for the journal Sexual Medicine Reviews. Dr. Rubin completed her medical education at Tufts University, her urology training at Georgetown University, and her sexual medicine fellowship training with Dr. Irwin Goldstein in San Diego. We spoke at the Menopause Shift Summit. 


  • How the push for ‘natural’ hurts our sexual and urinary health

  • Why urinary tract issues are directly linked to menopause

  • The conversation around women’s sexual health needs to focus on biology too, not just psychosocial factors

  • Why your sexual health takes a village 

  • Hormone therapy is THE solution for genitourinary syndrome of menopause

  • Breaking down the different kinds of vaginal hormone therapy: estrogen, DHEA and testosterone

  • All about testosterone: pellets, systemic and vaginal

  • Orgasm problems and what we can do about them

  • Focusing on joy and pleasure, not penetration

  • Hollywood’s sex problem

  • Kegels and apps and lasers 

Where to find Rachel: 

Instagram: @drrachelrubin
Twitter: @drrachelrubin - meet the future of healthcare
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