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SOLO episode: 'I belong in this room'

SOLO episode: 'I belong in this room'

BIG NEWS: Hotflash inc is the #1 Women's Health Podcast on Goodpods, and in the top 1.5 percent of podcasts according to Listen Notes. 

Thanks so much for making that happen! 

In today's episode, I talk about traveling to New York for my first big event on behalf of Hotflash inc. 

And how I finally realized that I belong in the room. 

The broad themes are connection, confidence and purpose.

But the main point, as it always seems to be, is loving and accepting yourself. And how to get there, even if it seems like it takes a lifetime. 

I talk about the long, hard road to building the confidence to feel worthy of being there, and to keep confident while there, about the essential-ness of connecting with other people, and of the beauty in finding and having a sense of purpose – all essentials, and all things that it can feel like midlife and peri/menopause threatens. 

But if you let them, they can be just the opposite. 

I talk about the feeling of ALMOST entering menopause, meeting heroes, becoming your own hero, and what it feels like to start to see yourself, accept yourself, and BECOME yourself, after all this time. 

Also discussed in this episode:

Not wearing heels when everyone else is + the beauty of proper hair and makeup

How I got involved with Perry, the sisterhood for perimenopause

Perry panel members: State of Menopause’s Stacy London, Menopocalypse author and Nyah Health cofounder Amanda Thebe, Behavioural Sleep Doc Dr. Shelby Harris,  The Menopause mogul Dr. Joy’El Ballard, Endocrinologist Dr. Disha Narang, journalist and midlife influencer Tamsen Fadel, ob-gyn and menopause expert Dr Sharon Malone and most inspirational-in-midlife maven Rachel Hughes

Yvonne, Hotflash inc perimenoposse member extraordinaire

Coffee in Bryant Park with pro-aging advocate Skylar Liberty Rose (apologies, I say ROSS)

Menopause Multiverse Cocktail Hour in Harlem: Hosted by Omisade Burney-Scott (Black Girl's Guide to Menopause) and featuring many amazing women including Karen Arthur (Menopause Whilst Black); Jessica Jolie (Age Lust) and and the fearless, wonderfully profane and inspiring Mona Eltahawy, who has such astonishing courage that I switched my own nickname for summoning courage from LADY BALLS MONAS

The hero’s journey of menopause and midlife 

Showing up for yourself

Thank you so much to Perry and Omi and sparks & honey and everyone else who helped me be a part of this. - meet the future of healthcare
Kill your pain once& for all, program human cells to cure cancer, mitigate dementia & more

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