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Morgan Adams will get you to sleep

Morgan Adams will get you to sleep

Morgan Adams is a holistic sleep coach, with two advanced certifications in sleep science coaching. She works withwomen who struggle to get a good night's sleep consistently. 

And that is something she knows all about, because she spent almost a decade using prescription sleeping medication, even though she knew that her overall sleep quality suffered. 

We talk all about her journey to better sleep, her decision to help other people get there too, and how a good night’s sleep actually starts first thing in the morning.


• The scourge of sleep medication 
• Why you want to get outside first thing
• Yes those sunglasses are cute, but…
• Tips to make your phone less attractive 
• The real problem with social media at night
• The role of hormone therapy for sleep in perimenopause 
• Is biohacking your sleep necessary?

And much more…

Where to find Morgan: 


IG: @morganadams.wellness

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The Hotflash Inc podcast
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