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Dr Quentin Oury talks andropause (aka manopause)

Dr Quentin Oury talks andropause (aka manopause)

Dr Quentin Oury is a leading British GP at a busy NHS service with 16,000 patients. He is focused on men’s health, including the areas of erectile dysfunction and low testosterone. He joins me to talk about a topic that doesn't get much air time, but we are slowly starting to hear more about: andropause.

Many people don’t even know what the word means, but as Dr Oury explains, it’s a little known fact that men can suffer symptoms very similar to that of peri/menopause as their hormones decline with age. 

And when you listen to him describe “manopause” as he sees it in his office, and all the challenges that stand in the way of men recognizing that this is a condition that there is a lot of help available for, the parallels to what women have been going through are uncanny. 


  • How andropause presents – and why it’s confused for other things

  • Why his typical patient is often healthy 

  • The typical symptoms – including how it impacts mental health

  • What’s going on, physiologically

  • The testosterone Rx

  • How this area is dramatically understudied – even less than menopause

  • The link to diabetes – and to medical problems later on

  • Why erectile dysfunction and low libido can be a bigger  health issue

  • The difference in supplementing testosterone for andropause and the dangerous practice of “juicing” for muscle growth

  • Why women are usually the ones who get men to the doctor

  • Where to get more information

Where to find Dr Oury (and more info):


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