Sitemap - 2022 - Hotflash inc

11 lessons to take forth into 2023

11 lessons about menopause + midlife for 2023

Part 1: Frozen shoulders everywhere...

No one would help the little hen

"Our human bodies just never stop cycling"

Amy Fleming is way too young for menopause but it's happening anyway

The concerning rise of the social media DMG

Sarah Silverman uses vaginal estrogen

Jessica Jolie Badonsky: ‘Take the pressure off perimenopause with HRT’

The wisdom of menopause

What will Stacy London do next?

How Hello Again's Patty Pappas and Carrie Mapes turned a parking lot conversation into perimenopause solutions

5 more quick + easy ways to feel better

We're not allowed to grieve our parents

Esther Blum is going to sort your perimenopause out

Jennifer Aniston, airbrushing + where to go to feel good about ourselves

5 quick + easy ways to feel better

Jennifer Harrington doesn’t want you to start at the end of perimenopause

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Should I take HRT for prevention of disease?

Rochelle Weitzner is the menopause skincare OG


HRT + depression...

Gennev co-founder and CEO Jill Angelo is riding the highs and lows of perimenopause too

The problem with anti-depressants

How Irene Ndagire launched Menopause Uganda

Hotflash inc: I can't sleep

Karen Arthur doesn’t want menopause to bite anyone else in the butt

The only thing I want you to know...

Menopause is a hero's journey

Sally Mueller and Michelle Jacobs are climbing a Womaness-sized mountain

Hotflash inc #116: Research, research, research

New Hotflash inc podcast: Compounding pharmacies are not meth labs, mmmm k?

Compounding pharmacies are not meth labs

Happy Menopause Month!

Dr Kourtney Sims does not want you sliding down a wall

Hotflash inc #114: We've moved!

Jenn Salib Huber loves being in menopause

Regarding those racial differences

Hotflash inc 112: Regarding those racial differences...

Hotflash inc 112: Regarding those racial differences...

Evernow founder Alicia Jackson is all-in on menopause

Hotflash inc 111: Perimenopause politics

Hotflash inc 111: Perimenopause politics

Professor Martha Hickey: Menopause IS Normal

Hotflash inc podcast – Season 2 trailer

Hotflash inc 110: Menopause at work

Hotflash inc 110: Menopause at work

SOLO episode: How to be in the peri-middle

Welcome to Hotflash inc ⚡

HF issue 109: Thinking (and thinking and thinking) about HRT

Debbie Baisden is having a Menopause Party

HF issue 108: We get the menopause jobs, right?

Revelry is about menopause, not getting high

HF issue 107: Questions are good, right?

Amy Schmidt lost herself once, too

HF issue 106: Low + slow

Earning a PhD in the LGBTQ+ experience of menopause

HF issue 105: The problem with the UK's #menopauserevolution

HF issue 104: Are we rethinking breast cancer + HT?

What we talk about when we are talking about menopause

HF issue 103: Does it have to be dementia?

How to ruin your sleep in perimenopause

HF issue 102: Hormone therapy in 2022 be like...

SOLO episode: How my heart sent me to the ER

HF issue 101: Peri people get pregnant too

SOLO episode AMA: "How did DHEA change your life"?

HF issue 100: Stop fighting, please

SOLO episode: What we learned at the Menopause Shift Summit, part 1

HF issue 99: Tell someone about it

HF special bulletin + correction

HF issue 98: Gut feeling 🐲

HF issue 98: Gut feeling 🐲

SOLO episode: Turkey, hiking, fear and introducing Menopause Shift Summit

HF issue 97: Out of the weeds 🌱🌿

I Support The Girls founder Dana Marlowe talks bras, Flash Kits, comfort & poverty


HF issue 97: Please hold

The truth about UK HRT shortages

Why menopause is just the beginning

HF issue 96: You are not going to like this

SOLO episode: This is going somewhere good

HF issue 95: 10 things we learned about menopause

Rachel Lankester thinks you are magnificent

HF issue 94: Allow me to reintroduce myself...

SOLO episode: Menopause brain drain

HF issue 93: Again, there are no gurus

SOLO episode: Me + HRT (part 1 of a never-ending series)

HF issue 92: The 7 list

INTERVIEW episode: Cindy Barshop wants to fix your vagina

HF issue 91: HUGE NEWS


HF issue 90 : Panty hamster

SOLO episode: NOT a p**** hamster

HF issue 89: It's a grey area

SOLO episode: Death of the party girl

HF issue 88: Are you there God?

BONUS SOLO episode: This is not a effing syndrome

HF issue 87: How much does the brain love estrogen?

BONUS SOLO EPISODE: Hang in there and follow Will Smith


HF issue 86: The latest ruckus

HF issue 85: What’s been hard for you?

Amy Schmidt thinks its better to be real

Hotflash Inc: Please hold...

MK Czerwiec wants you to draw it out

HF issue 84: Hold onto your ovaries (unless you can't)

Dr Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz has no time for "either or"

HF issue 83: OTC VAG HRT? 🌸

Andrea Donsky wants you to follow the research

HF issue 82: It's never to late to learn

Dr Jerilynn Prior wants you to think about progesterone, too

HF issue 81 - There are no saviours

Carmen Stansberry tires of medical turf wars

HF issue 80: Do we have to lose our minds? 😅

Dr Neal Barnard is a soy man

HF issue 79: Tackling morning dread 👊

Kim Vopni, Vagina Coach

HF issue 78: Just rest